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2021 Best Wireless Cameras Doorbell For Your Home

2021 Best Wireless Cameras Doorbell For Your Home

How do you choose from the best Wireless Cameras Doorbell For Your Home? In this article, we will take you through some of the features to look out for in a doorbell camera.

 Besides, you also gate glimpse of why you need one and some of the best cameras and their features.

Why You Need a Wireless Camera Doorbell

There are many reasons why every home needs a wireless camera doorbell. Unlike the traditional peepholes, the camera gives more of the outside than just a glimpse. Below is a simple outline of the benefits you get from doorbell cameras.

1. Better outside view

Unlike the glimpse you get from peeping through traditional peepholes, you get a better and clear view of the outside at the comfort of your couch through your connected devices. In addition to the view, you can record the outdoor scenes for future references in case you need to. You can also take photos and have enough time before responding.  

2. Smarter home

The smart technology in wireless camera doorbells gives you a smart home. This is through the ability of the cameras to connect with other devices, which provides you with more control conveniently. Through the apps and voice commands like Amazon Alexa and Siri and the control panels, there is much you can do with little to no effort.

3. Additional home security

With the ability to know the activities taking place in your home, whether you are present or absent, the cameras offer an additional level of security. The microphones in the camera enable you to respond in the most appropriate way to the situation at hand.

4. Reduce package thefts

Some of the advanced wireless camera doorbells are fitted with package detection equipment. They can show your live views of any package theft in your presence as well as absence. This enables you to reduce or completely stop any theft of your valuables.

The Top Best Wireless Cameras Doorbell

1. Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo doorbell camera is among the top wireless doorbell cameras that allows one to control the security of their home with the Arlo app. Some of its best features will enable you to receive less false alerts and, at the same time, gives you an upper hand to call for help through 911.

Main features

  • Available with both wireless and wired options, which offers flexible setup
  • Object and package detection feature
  • It allows you to make 911 calls for help from the app

2. Lorex 2K QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Lorex provides better quality video footage as compared to Alro. Besides the high-quality video, it has 5 minutes prerecord time of scenes and colored night vision. Finally, it has a night-light inbuilt, which turns on automatically when it detects motion.

Main features

  • It allows you to answer your door hands-free through voice commands like Amazon Alexa.
  • The person detection feature that reduces false alerts from objects and pets.
  • Automatic recording which starts 5 minutes prior to any activity giving you the much-needed footage.

3. Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

Vivint offers the best protection to your packages and deters thieves. The deter feature sends instant notifications. The camera, which has 180 degrees of view, enables you also to customize the motion alert zones. 

Main features

  • A two-way audio for both you and the guest to speak.
  • A Smart Deter feature with 65 dB speakers, which comes with LED lights to scare away thieves.
  • An optional 90-second motion recording videos as they are triggered

4. ADT Video Doorbell

It is a simple doorbell camera with some of the best features like high footage video quality. It has wireless equipment with two-way audio for you to speak and at the same time see your visitors. With this camera, you will need a professional to install the system in your home.

Main features

  • It offers a wide-angle field of view which is at 180 degrees.
  • The ADT app on your smartphone and voice commands like Amazon Alexa give you full control of the doorbell camera.
  • It offers multiple mounting brackets to give you a perfect fit during the installation.

5. Ring Video Doorbell Elite

The Elite Ring Door Camera is among the best in this type of camera. It offers high-resolution footage, which is at 1080p, two-way audio to speak with your visitors, and the people only mode to avoid false alerts.

Main features

  • With the Ring app, it works perfectly well with other ring smart devices
  • It has preselected messages for quick replies
  • It has various faceplate options, which allows you to change the look of the camera from time to time.

How to Choose a Doorbell Cameras

If you want to choose the best wireless camera doorbell, here are some of the features you have to consider before you buy and install one in your home.

1. Prerecorded messages

A wireless door camera with the ability to prerecord messages gives you the liberty to send prerecorded messages to inform your guests of your absence. They can also come in handy to sort any inconveniences when you are not receiving guests. Ring and Ecoey are some of the cameras with this feature.

2. Package theft

 A doorbell camera with the package detection feature enables you to monitor the packages arriving and those leaving your house. It alerts you when you receive delivered mail packages and in cases of theft of valuables from your house. Vivint is one of those with package detecting capabilities you can buy and install in your home.

3. Voice assistant compatibility

Choose a wireless camera doorbell that is compatible with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This will enable you to remotely respond to your guests. The voice commands can also help in answering the door with your voice.

4. Color night vision

The popularity of this new feature is gaining traction among many users. The infrared LED light enables you to see at night through different devices in black and white. Such give you an idea of what exactly is happening at your doorstep at night.

5. Custom activity zones

A good wireless camera doorbell allows you to mark out activity zones from which you need notifications if there is motion. This allows you to extend the area of alert and, at the same time, cut off areas that are of no interest.

In conclusion, we cannot downplay the need for wireless camera doorbells in this era. They come with a number of benefits you don’t get from the traditional peepholes. But before you settle for a doorbell camera, ensure it has most of the above desirable features to ensure it serves perfectly for all your home security needs. However, above is also a list of some of those best doorbell cameras you can settle for.