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All You Need to Know about Wifi Video Doorbell Cameras

These years, Wifi Video Doorbell Cameras have become more and more popular. The ability to see and communicate with whoever is at your door from almost any location makes contact-free deliveries that much easier.

Having live video feed of your front door provides a great boost to your home security, offering peace of mind by letting you know exactly who is calling before you’ve even opened the door. 

What is Wifi Video Doorbell Camera?

Wifi Video Doorbell cameras are a type of doorbell with a built-in camera that provides a video feed to a suitable monitor when pressed. It differ from traditional doorbell cameras in that they’re designed to be more convenient and accessible. You can access your doorbell camera’s live video feed right from your phone to do everything from answering your door remotely, to accepting packages, to confirming your kids or guests arrived safely.

With certain doorbell cameras, you can communicate via a speaker on the doorbell. This can be useful when advising couriers attempting to make a delivery while you’re away, as well as allowing you to identify who is ringing your doorbell and what their intentions are, which can provide an extra sense of security before opening your door.  

How do Wifi Video Doorbell Cameras Work?

Doorbell cameras use either Wi-Fi or wireless data connectivity to relay a video feed from the camera to a paired monitoring device, usually a smartphone. When the doorbell is pressed, a notification will be sent to your phone, and once opened will allow you to view the video feed from the camera.

Some cameras will start recording as soon as they detect motion; obviously this is not ideal for homes with pedestrian traffic nearby, e.g. apartment buildings, as you can end up with a ton of unwanted recordings.

What are The Benefits of a Smart Video Doorbell?

WIth a Wifi Video doorbell camera, you’re digitally closer to home no matter where you are. For some, a view of your doorstep can provide some much-needed peace of mind.

Confirm When Your Kids Get Home

If you have kids who come home from school or practice without any parents or babysitters present, getting an alert that lets you know that made it home safely. They get the autonomy they crave, but you get the comfort you need.

Monitor Package Delivery

A smart video doorbell allows you to monitor deliveries right from your phone. With a remote garage door opener, you can also have your mail carrier leave your packages in a secure location. If your packages tend to mysteriously disappear, you can confirm whether or not they actually made it to your home—or if someone has been sneaking off with your Amazon orders when they think no one is looking.

Answer Your Door Remotely

Traffic holdups, mixed up schedules, and simply running late becomes infinitely less stressful with a smart doorbell. You can answer your front door using your smartphone and welcome your guests in if you have a hidden key or smart lock.

Choosing Your Smart Doorbell Camera


With so many considerations, the idea of doing all the research yourself might seem overwhelming.To make the decision easier on yourself, check out Ecoey Smart Wifi Video Doorbell Camera. It has a low, minimalist profile and comes with everything you need.

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