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What Does a CO2 Detector Do

In these days most of us realize the importance of clean air at home,as the pandemic is still spreading. And also a CO2 detector is quite useful for us to detect the clean air. 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a colourless and odourless gas, vital to life on Earth, as such carbon dioxide sensing is an important practice. Although difficult to detect, our range of carbon dioxide detectors allow carbon dioxide to be strongly absorbed thanks to our non-dispersive infrared technology in our CO2 detectors.

Carbon dioxide is mostly nontoxic, unless concentrations become elevated. CO2 can be used to freeze food, carbonate beverages, extinguish fires, and has various uses in agricultural and medical applications. Excessive carbon dioxide emissions cause ocean acidification, making it one of the primary climate change contributors.


Ecoey CO2 Detector Monitor

Ecoey CO2 Detector Monitor Indoor Carbon Dioxide Temperature and Humidity Detection, Air Quality Monitor Automatic Calibration with LED Real-Time Display for School Office Home

The CO2 detector can monitor ventilation effect. When the temperature/humidity/CO2 concentration is too high, the voice prompts will be issued and LED turns red timely. LED shows green in normal working, yellow in early warning mode

The air quality monitor is equipped with high-performance chip, infrared sensor. CO2 measurement range is 400 ~ 5000 PPM(±50ppm+5%) , Temperature range is -5℃~ 50℃ or 23℉ ~ 122℉(±0.5℃ or 0.9℉), Humidity measurement range is 0.0% ~ 99.9%RH(±5% RH )

The carbon dioxide detector uses 12V AC power adapter. In the event of a sudden power failure, the backup battery of the CO2 meter can last for 12 hours, which is equipped with a low battery prompt

Portable size for easy carry, please place CO2 monitor in indoor places such as houses, factories, warehouses, schools, RV, hotels, etc. You can directly view CO2, temperature and humidity data on the LED screen to protect your health, especially suitable for the old and children

The LED screen of the CO2 detector will automatically adjust the brightness according to the scene, and you can switch temperature unit(Celsius/Fahrenheit)and intelligent voice language (supports English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch) according to needs.


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