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CO2 Detector Monitor Indoor Carbon Dioxide Temperature and Humidity Detection

Real-time Notifications: View remotely and you will receive real-time notifications on your smartphone.
Smart App Connection: It easily connects to apps on your phone, where you can set scenes or view alarm status.
2-IN-1 Protection: Featuring dual sensors that detect smoke and co hazards and provide an audible alarm of over 85 decibels.
Quality Guarantee: It has a 10-year sensor life and complies with UL 217 and UL 2034 standards.


Activation Alarm

Fit the alarm on the bracket and turn the alarm body clock wise, until fully inserted on the bracket. the unit wiil generate a "beep" indicating that it is activated and ready to detect status.

Magnet installationl

No drilling required, the alarm can be installed directly by sticking the magnet, which is easy and fast.

10-Year Service Life

A sealed lithium battery powers the device to protect the family for ten years, which would spare users' efforts to replace the battery from time to time.