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CO2 Detector Monitor Indoor Carbon Dioxide Temperature and Humidity Detection

Ecoey CO2 Detector Monitor Indoor Carbon Dioxide Temperature and Humidity Detection, Air Quality Monitor Automatic Calibration with LED Real-Time Display for School Office Home. 24 Hours Protect Your Home Safety

$79.99 $119.99

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Power Source: DC12V (Power adapter 12V/0.5A)

Part Number: FJ141

Item Weight: 7.06 ounces

Product Dimensions: 3.9*3.9*1.46 inch

Backup battery usage time: 12 hours

CO2 measurement range: 400 ~ 5000 PPM(±50ppm+5%) Temperature range -5℃~ 50℃ or 23℉ ~ 122℉(±0.5℃ or 0.9℉) Humidity measurement range 0.0% ~ 99.9%RH(±5% RH ) Product life :10 years

The importance of indoor air quality

Want healthier indoor air? Measure and monitor the quality of your indoor air in real time!

To protect your health at home, in the office or in the classroom, it is important to analyze and measure the indoor air quality of your rooms (bedroom, living room, office , refectory, waiting room, classroom, nursery, etc.) to then find the appropriate solution: purify, ventilate the room and identify the sources of pollution in your living space.
The CO2 detector can monitor ventilation effect. When the temperature/humidity/CO2 concentration is too high, the voice prompts will be issued and LED turns red timely. LED shows green in normal working, yellow in early warning mode.

ECOEY CO2 detector monitor uses high-precision CO2 sensor and NDIR detection technology for automatically calibration to detect the carbon dioxide content, temperature and humidity of the indoor environment and display it on the screen. With touch buttons, the operation is simple and convenient.