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Missile Detection GS508C Smoke Alarms

Real-time Notifications: View remotely and you will receive real-time notifications on your smartphone.
Smart App Connection: It easily connects to apps on your phone, where you can set scenes or view alarm status.
2-IN-1 Protection: Featuring dual sensors that detect smoke and co hazards and provide an audible alarm of over 85 decibels.
Quality Guarantee: It has a 10-year sensor life and complies with UL 217 and UL 2034 standards.


Protection Upgraded with Higher Accuracy

The detector utilizes cutting-edge photoelectric sensor technology to detect smoke accurately and instantaneously, providing reliable protection for your property.

Humanized 10-Hour No-Disturb Feature

When the smoke detector sounds like a low battery alarm or other failure alarm, we can press the silence button to get 10 hours of no-disturb to avoid disturbing our sleep at night. Irritating beeps could be avoided.The visual alarm remains.

Convenient Test/Hush Button with Large Touch Space

Highly Compatible Mounting Bracket

10-Year Service Life