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Ultra Thin Carbon Co Monoxide Detector Alarm


Ecoey Carbon Monoxide Detector , Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10 Year Battery Ultra Thin Design , Low Battery Warning , Self-Test for Home , Rv and Boats , FJ118


Power Source:Battery Powered

Color: White

Item Weight: 0.26 Pounds

Operating Humidity: 95 percent

Upper Temperature Rating:45 Degrees Celsius

Sensor Type: Electrochemical


About this item

  • Advanced Technology>>> The thinnest CO detector, only 0.91 inch thickness. 10 year carbon monoxide detector adopts import Figaro sensor, which provides high accuracy and stability. CO alarm is IP 44 waterproof, suitable for home, travel, motor caravans and boats


  • Three Led Indicator>>> Powering on for the first time, the green POWER light blinks once per second. This is a warm-up state. After 60 seconds, the green POWER light blinks once every minute. It means normal working state. Yellow is fault, red ALARM means emergency


  • Test/Silence Function>>> Whole cover is TEST/SILENCE button, which allows you to test or mute the CO alarm easily. Hush time is 10 minutes, but if low battery at night, CO detector will be silent for 9 hours and alarm next day to ensure your sleep


  • Humanized Design>>> At nigh or lights off, CO detector will automaticly reduce brightness of the green POWER light to avoid disturbing your sleep. The alarm will alert in low volume in first 10 seconds, then 85 db sound, so that you won't be suddenly scared by loud sound


  • 10 YEAR LIFE TIME>>> The CO detector contains built-in lithium battery for 10 years use. The low battery warning will remind you to change the CO alarm to ensure your safety. If you have any problem with co detector, please contact us